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Panolin Biomot LD 10W40

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Panolin Biomot LD 10W40 is a fully synthetic, biodegradable long-life engine oil for super high performance diesel engines.

• Reduces friction and wear thanks to its synthetic basis and special-purpose additives.
• The synthetic components result in extremely low oil consumption.
• Outstandingly good high-temperature behaviours, anti-oxidation and film stability characteristics.
• Can be mixed with mineral oils, but for optimal performance and biodegradability, mixing is not recommended.
• Environmental compatibility:WGK-1, weak water pollutant to VwVwS classification.

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Panolin Biomot LD 10W40


SKU #310284823

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Main Applications

• Ideal all-season oil for high performance diesel engines.
• For extended oil change intervals in diesel engines with or without supercharging.


Specifications & Approvals

Meets requirements: ACEA B4, E4, E6 (analogous), API CH-4, Allison C4, Komatsu KES 07.851, Mack EO-K2, MAN 3277, Mercedes-Benz 228.5, Saab/Scania ETS 500E, Volvo VDS 2.

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