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Shell Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid S3 DU 46

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Shell Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid S3 DU 46 is a synthetic fire resistant hydraulic fluid based on very high VI polyalkylene glycol base stocks, designed to minimize fluid degradation and thus extend fluid change out intervals under even the most severe operating conditions. It is readily biodegradable.

• Excellent fire resistance
• Enhanced system protection
• Good hydrolytic stability
• High resistance to sludge and varnish formation
• Suitable for all weather service
• Excellent compatibility

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Shell Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid S3 DU 46


SKU #310282802

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Main Applications

• Fire resistant hydraulic fluid S3 DU 46 can be used as the hydraulic fluid in industrial and mobile equipment, including high pressure systems, hydrostatic drives, systems with servo valves, and robotics.


Specifications & Approvals

Factory Mutual Approved, Bosch-Rexroth, Sauer-Danfoss, Denison, Parker, Oilgear and Eaton (formerly Vickers) specifications.

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