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Panolin Sprint 46

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Panolin Sprint are fully synthetic, environmentally friendly and readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids, based on proven PANOLIN technology. Ester blend with modified, saturated and unsaturated esters.

• Minimally toxic (according to OECD 201/202/203).
• CO2 reduction due to extended oil-change intervals & service intervals.
• Outstanding anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.
• Prevents deposits in the hydraulic system.
• Excellent cold flow characteristics.
• Outstanding extreme-pressure characteristics.
• Environmental compatibility: Biodegradability acc. to OECD 301 B:>60%, Japan Eco Label, EN 16807, EU Ecolabel DE/027/289, US EPA VIDA, VGP 2013, Water Hazard classification acc. to AwSV: WGK 1.

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Panolin Sprint 46


SKU #310284819

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Main Applications

• Earthmoving and forestry hydraulic systems.
• Various machines for Industrial manufacturing.
• Construction and hydroelectric engineering.
• Marine hydraulic systems such as CPP, stabilisers, steering and deck equipment.
• Do not mix with other readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids - please refer to Panolin conversion and operating guidelines regarding mineral oils, synthetic fluids and Panolin ECLs/EALs.


Specifications & Approvals

ASTM D 8029. FZG A/8.3/90: 11. ISO 15 380/HEES. Vickers V104 C, Approval Coup'eco (ISO VG 46). Contact the technical help desk for a full list of manufacture approvals.

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