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Panolin EP Gear Synth 220

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Panolin EP Gear Syth are fully synthetic, high performance and readily biodegradable lubricants, based on saturated synthetic esters for industrial gear drives.

• Minimally toxic .
• CO2 reduction due to extended oil-change intervals & service intervals.
• Reduces micro-wear of surface roughness on friction surfaces in aggregates.
• Excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures. Prevents gumming even under high thermal load.
• Outstanding extreme-pressure, anti-wear and anti-corrosion characteristics.
• Better adhesion to metal surfaces than mineral-oil based gear oils.
• Extremely shear-resistant gear oil with a wider thermal operating range than mineral oil
• Environmental compatibility: Biodegradability acc. to OECD 301 B:>60% (ISO VG 100, 150, 220), Water Hazard classification acc. to AwSV: WGK 1.

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Panolin EP Gear Synth 220


SKU #310284812

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Main Applications

• Industrial gear drives.


Specifications & Approvals

DIN 51 502/CLP E, 51 517/CLP E, FE8 D - 7.5/80 - 80, FZG A/8.3/90:>12, FZG A10/16.6/140:>12. Approved Brevini Power Transmission (ISO VG 150 & 220), Approved Stiebel Getriebe (ISO VG 220). Approved ZF TE-ML 04M (ISO VG 100 & 150), ZF TE-ML 04Q (ISO VG 150). Contact the technical help desk for a full list of manufacture approvals.

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