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Panolin Biotrack E 700

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Panolin Biotrack E are fully synthetic and environmentally friendly cable/chain lubricants, based on renewable synthetic esters.

• Minimally toxic .
• Excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures.
• Reduces friction.
• Very good adhesion.
• Environmental compatibility: Biodegradability acc. to OECD 301 B:>60%. US EPA VIDA, VGP 2013, Water hazard classification acc. to AwSV. WGK 1.
• Decomposed by micro-organisms in water and/or soil almost without any residue.

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Panolin Biotrack E 700


SKU #310284814

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Main Applications

• Wire ropes and cables
• Drive and conveyor chains in sensitive areas such as lock gates or sluices.
• Railway switch point bolts and closures.
• Hydraulic rock breakers.


Specifications & Approvals

Approved Gurdesan. Approved Macor Marine (700)

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