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Panolin Biogrease LL-EP 2

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Panolin Biogrease LL-EP 2 is a fully synthetic, readily biodegradable EP universal lubricating grease for exposed applications in environmentally sensitive areas. .

• Minimally toxic .
• Good mechanical stability and wide temperature range.
• Outstanding anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.
• Good water resistance.
• Excellent load-bearing capacity due to special additive technology.
• Environmental compatibility: Ecolabel Der blaue Engel, EU Ecolabel (DE/027/255), KWF label, Swedish standard 15 54 70, US EPA VIDA, VGP 2013,.

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Panolin Biogrease LL-EP 2


SKU #310284816

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Main Applications

• Multipurpose grease in environmentally sensitive applications


Specifications & Approvals

Approved Becker Marine Systems - Rudder systems. Approved Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH (MMG) - Propellers and propellers caps.

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